What is the benefit of using Oh Shit Repairs?

We offer the most convenient and affordable way for college students to get their phone fixed. No more paying for transportation, waiting in line, and being separated from your device for hours/days. Our online process is easy to use, our service is affordable on any budget, and our quality parts are guaranteed.

Where do OSR technicians meet customers to pick up the phones?

Either the entrance to Bruff Commons (Tulane Campus) or the Loyola library (Loyola Campus).

How do I arrange a phone repair?

Please use this link to start the repair process. Simply choose your device type, device issue, and enter your information. We will then meet you at a designated location to repair your device.

How do I pay?

We request payment after the repair is complete. We accept all credit cards and debit cards. We do not accept cash.

How long will it take to repair my device?

Repairs are completed within 60 minutes.

Do I need to wait while the technician fixes my device?

Nope! We meet customers at either the entrance to Bruff Commons or Loyola Library, specifically so that they can carry on with their work, errands, or anything else they need to do while the technician completes the service right on campus! An email will be sent to you when your device is repaired and ready to be dropped off.

What happens if my device can't be fixed?

The OSR technicians are able to provide screen replacement, home button replacement, and charging port replacements. If your device has another issue and in the off chance the technician is unable to fix it, we won’t charge you anything for the free evaluation.

Do returning customers receive a discount?

We offer 20% off to all returning customers who break their phone again!